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8 Things that Make Koenigsegg Cars Special

Since its beginning, Koenigsegg has focused on the goal of making extraordinary cars. Their vehicles always push the limits of what is possible. Innovation is a cornerstone of every Koenigsegg model. In just a short time, the automaker has produced several record-setting vehicles. Even compared to other performance brands, there are many things that make Koenigsegg special. These cars stand out and always feature unique innovations not available elsewhere. Despite the brand’s short history, Koenigsegg already ranks among the most desirable driving brands. Learn more about this cutting-edge automaker and everything that makes Koenigsegg exceptional.

Things that make a Koenigsegg Special

1. A Small Team with Big Dreams

First, Koenigsegg is no mega-corporation. In fact, they employ a team of only about 400 people. Although they may not have the manpower of some other automakers, they turn this intimate culture into a strength. Koenigsegg employs some of the world’s most qualified engineers and designers. This lets them pay intimate attention to every model.

Today, the brand still embodies the original vision of its founder, Christian von Koenigsegg. It works hard to make the absolute best sports cars in the world. Rather than mass producing thousands of vehicles, Koenigsegg gives personal attention to each car it builds. Therefore, every vehicle is guaranteed to uphold the highest performance driving standards.

2. Elite Koenigsegg Performance

Speaking of performance, Koenigsegg cars deliver thrills like no other vehicle. Performance drives every aspect of the automaker’s thinking. Their philosophy is to constantly refine their vehicles until they can deliver the best drive possible. Drivers can see this thinking at work in every detail. Every inch of the car is made to benefit speed, handling, and driving dynamics.

Koenigsegg engineers are themselves driving enthusiasts. As a result, they always consider the wants and needs of drivers. The numbers are eye-popping. For example, the Jesko has a top speed of over 300 mph and the Gemera has a 0-60 under two seconds. Not only are Koenigsegg cars fast, but they are also endlessly fun to drive.

Koenigsegg Agera RS

3. Innovation Since Koenigsegg’s Inception

Innovation is perhaps Koenigsegg’s greatest strength. The company is not yet 30 years old. This means the past does not limit Koenigsegg. Instead of settling for the convention, Koenigsegg chooses progress. Each of their models brings something new to the sports car market. Throughout their history, they have proven themselves able to rethink performance driving.

Many new ideas have come from the Koenigsegg factory. For example, their ‘Rocket’ catalytic converter was introduced for the CCR. This innovation redirected pressure in the engine and provided an additional 100 horsepower. Furthermore, many new design ideas have come from Koenigsegg. These include hollow carbon fiber wheels, dihedral synchro-helix doors, and top-mounted active rear wings.

4. The Humble Origins of Koenigsegg

In contrast to their larger-than-life performance sports cars, Koenigsegg began as an underdog. Although Koenigsegg’s vision always resonated with drivers, they still overcame the odds. Few thought the brand could create a world-class sports car with such a small team. At first, they seemingly lacked the resources to compete with established powers.

However, results quickly proved that enthusiasts could not overlook Koenigsegg. Their CC line immediately became a hit with drivers. Koenigsegg cars became highly coveted, and drivers saw them as the panicle of performance. Soon, thousands began dreaming of taking their own Koenigsegg for a joy ride at over 200 mph.

Koenigsegg Jesko and Jesko Absolut

5. Every Koenigsegg is Special

Perhaps no automaker gives their cars more attention than Koenigsegg. Every detail of every example is handcrafted and given the utmost care. Nothing less than perfection is acceptable. Because every Koenigsegg is unique, the team makes sure they always meet strict quality standards. From the engine to the interior, everything must be perfect.

Since every detail has a purpose, for a Koenigsegg, everything must be handmade. It is a true quality over quantity approach. Many of the vehicles’ components come from either in-house or dedicated suppliers. All parts in a Koenigsegg are made from premium materials.

6. Koenigsegg World Records

It is one thing to make such bold claims. Koenigsegg always backs up their talk with undeniable results. Throughout the last twenty years, Koenigsegg models have earned tremendous recognition. The list of world records is already impressive. In 2002, the CC8S set the record for the most powerful engine in a production car. Then, two years later, the CCR bettered this mark.

Throughout the years, multiple Koenigsegg cars have set new speed records. The CCR was Koenigsegg’s first, reaching over 241 mph. The Koenigsegg CCX clocked a 0-300-0 km/h time of 14.53 seconds. In 2017, the Agera RS went from 0-400-0 km/h in a record 36.44 seconds. It also set its own top speed record of over 277 mph. Currently, the Regera owns the 0-400-0 mark with a time of 31.49 seconds. Soon the Jesko is anticipated to break the production car top speed record.

Koenigsegg Regera Red

7. One of the World’s Most Exclusive Automakers

One of the most important things that make Koenigsegg special is the brand’s exclusivity. For each model, only a few examples are made. This makes these cars extremely rare. Typically, Koenigsegg cars are reserved for only those who want the absolute best. While a Koenigsegg comes with a high price tag, those who buy these cars get a priceless driving experience.

With 270 vehicles made, it is rare to see one on the streets. Those who are fortunate enough to call themselves an owner can take great pride in their vehicle. The rare nature of Koenigsegg cars means they hold their value exceptionally well.

8. Every Car is a Work of Art

Best of all, every Koenigsegg is made to the specifications of owners. Buyers have specific input over the production of their Koenigsegg vehicle. This makes every car Koenigsegg makes a unique work of art. Dealerships can connect customers with the factory to make sure their car matches their exact vision.

At the heart of what makes Koenigsegg special is the driver. Those who drive these cars share Koenigsegg’s uncompromising quest for the perfect car. They want only the best. As a result, no sacrifices are made, no corners are cut. Each Koenigsegg is different because each one should meet the perfect idea of the person in the driver’s seat.

2020 Koenigsegg Regera Airstrip

About Koenigsegg Boston

To find the home of Koenigsegg in Boston visits our dealership. We have the resources to connect passionate drivers with these world-class supercars. Our helpful team knows more about these vehicles than anybody else. Learn about everything that makes Koenigsegg special. Contact Koenigsegg Boston today to inquire further.


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